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Pollution introdution and Definition




There are two types of the cause of pollution, natural and man-made. Natural pollution occurs naturally and won't cause excessive harm to our lives due to its regeneration ability. While the man-made pollution is caused by human activities, and hard to get rid of. The backbones of man-made pollution are human population and technology. Naturally human needs contact to the environment, we get resources from nature. This is for the sake of living. By the increase of human population, the contact is getting more intensive, because needs are increasing. And by the findings and development of new technologies, human can apply them to get the resources. And it's common that new technologies would bring their respective side effects besides their advantages.

Small population with any level of technology wouldn't have to exploit the nature overwhelmingly. But big population with any level of technology will surely exploit the nature more, and even overwhelmingly, this is all for the needs of the people.

Pollution is a growing pain. Pollution is not a problem that came suddenly from the sky; it's our fault and has been a part of our life through many years. We must be wise in managing our resources, and take positive action towards preventing any forms of pollution to the environment. Make the world a better place to live.
There are 6 (six) types of pollution that are going to be discussed in this site, namely air, water, noise, land, radioactive, and thermal.

Presence of matter (gas, liquid, solid) or energy (heat, noise, radiation) whose nature, location, or quantity directly or indirectly alters characteristics or processes of any part of the environment, and causes (or has the potential to cause) damage to the condition, health, safety, or welfare of animals, humans, plants, or property.

Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into an environment that causes instability, disorder, harm or discomfort to the ecosystem i.e. physical systems or living organisms. Pollution can take the form of chemical substances, or energy, such as noise, heat, or light energy. Pollutants, the elements of pollution, can be foreign substances or energies, or naturally occurring; when naturally occurring, they are considered contaminants when they exceed natural levels. Pollution is often classed as point source or nonpoint source pollution.

Air Pollution
Water Pollution
Land Pollution
Noise Pollution
Radioactive Pollution
Thermal Pollution

indian pollution

The pollution in developing countries has always been reported high in comparison to developed countries. Our developing country, India, is also enclosed in a thick layer of pollution because of rapid industrial development, transport explosion, unconditional management of natural resources and fast growth of towns and cities, among others. Owing to all these factors, the pollution level in India has been rising on an everyday basis and is increasing manifold.

The pollution in India is not only fouling all the natural resources of our country but is also the main culprit behind the increasing health problems that the people of the country face today. Pollution in all its forms – noise pollution, air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, soil pollution – is hazardous and is bound to leave long-lasting effects.

Many people raise debates on the advantages that industrialization and modernization have derived. No doubt, with more facilities and companies available in the country, the number of employment opportunities has increased. There has been major change in the lifestyle of majority of people in the country. However, unorganized growth of cities, villages and towns has, unknowingly, favored the growth of unhealthy environment.

With industrialization and infrastructure development at its peaks in many metropolitan cities of the country, the pollution in India has made it difficult for people in these cities breathe fresh and clean air. The smoke emitted from a large number of vehicles on the road has formed a thick blanket very close to the lowermost layer of the atmosphere, which in turn has completely cut the flush of fresh air. Adding to this is the smoke emitted from the high-rising chimneys of many factories. This smoke not only adds to havoc in the lives of the people of the concerned city, they also leave an adverse affect on the agriculture in the nearby areas.

Agricultural menace also arises from the number of insecticides and pesticides that are used for the fruits and vegetables to mature well before their maturity period. A large number of manures and chemical fertilizers are also used now-a-days which first destroy the complete nutritional value of the food items and once the crop is harvested, the ill-effect is passed on to the soil. This is how it is passed on to crop after crop.

Some other dangerous pollutants to the atmosphere other than the smoke from vehicles and factories are fluorides, radioactive fallouts and nuclear energy programme, among others. Among all this, pollution of water, the most important substance for human existence, is of utmost importance. Liquid wastes from industries and houses blindly flow into the open water bodies and this poses serious threat to the animal and plant life that resides in water. Depletion of huge forest cover in the form of forests has also been a serious kind of land pollution in terms of deforestation.

Therefore, it is very important that all of us understand the importance of our resources being pure for ourselves and our future generation live a healthy happy life. Although the government of India has passed out many laws to make sure that our resources are pollution free, it is the responsibility of each citizen to look into this matter seriously and do every small bit that can serve this main big cause.

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Air Pollution Causes, Effects, and Treatment

Introduction: India is the seventh largest in the world as environmentally dangerous country have been ranked. The level of air purity, in metro cities of India in the last 20 years has been poor economic Stithi half times and industrial pollution has increased four times. According to WHO, 24 million people each year die because of dangerous pollution. In the past, there have been several efforts to curb air pollution but pollution has been growing.
Type of air pollution: pollution that can be classified into internal and external. Internal air pollution is the fact that 75% of rural households wood, crop residues and using biomass fuels are derived from the polluted air.: Outdoor air pollution, mainly due to vehicle emissions, industrial pollution from construction debris, dust, Municipal waste water causes are due to these pollutants as a consequence. As a result of air pollution, coal and diesel as the problem of global warming. Fossil fuels, polluted water, like cars and power plants are the biggest offenders .. Vehicle emissions are responsible for 70% of the air pollution.
Effects of air pollution: waste dumping. From lakes and oceans, or rivers, water-borne diseases like diarrhea from the water bodies are the result. Diarrhea insecure and low amount of water, hygiene and drinking is the result of poor hygiene. Air pollution, with an increase in diseases such as asthma breath, bronchitis, air pollution and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are the most important reason. Coal, and diesel and the burning of fossil fuels such as, rice crop are alarming slump. Air pollution is an issue of global warming in modern days.
Treatment: planting more trees in the ecosystem's balance and prevention of air pollution in the treatment is to check deforestation, waste spills of drugs on trash, garbage, recycling of waste and the latest scientific techniques to practical use of time is required. Pollution control and civil services must keep pace with the increase in air pollution. NGOs and voluntary organizations to help save a blessing in disguise, and society must be understood

Pollution is

Pollution is Of Duskon decompose in the environment, even 

though the Poorva - the formats are defined or agreed upon proportions or reference
 These pollutants physical systems or living organisms - in Jnhuo instability, cause harm or discomfort | [1] Pollution chemical or Urgajase noise, heat or light as can be. Pollutants, pollution of the elements, foreign substances or energies,
Sometimes the extended sense of the word pollution dangerous to the stability of the system within the system contains elements that generate pollutants such unnaturally high. For example, water is innocuous and is essential for life, but at much higher concentrations can be considered a pollutant: if a person drink plenty of water, excessive burden on the physical system and may even be sick and death may result. Another example of excessive noise is a person's mental imbalance is resulting in the malfunction and psychosis, it has been used as weapons in war.

Take care of the environment

Worldwide 5 Day of June as World Environment Day Is observed. 1973 As the first World Environment Day in America Was observed. Environment Day this year like every year, two - four tree-planting, we Will meet its obligations. But do not try to understand nature. Views If the nature of creation is an important role.

 Here we have a history He tried to turn the page on which the hearing, After reading or thinking Perhaps we will understand. We want to attract the attention and where the round Large and giant creatures tried to go against the nature and lost his Ashtitv Be. By the way, is with the nature of creation. The world's most First came Vnspityan Became the primary food of life. Then by other organisms Life through the process. It is believed that the origin of humans and other animals too Time is lost. Since the origin of the speaking man in the universe There are days that some changes are coming. Man on the strength of his genius and discretion Any organism that has developed himself and is more realistic. The That day human nature to meet their growing needs Presents some precious heritage is presented.
The casing is enclosed environment of nature which we have called. Today the Environment Pollution has peaked. Everyone in rough environment Is Pradusit work. Kalkarkhanen to where jobs are. The water - are playing a key role in air pollution. Factories to leave Smoke in the air increases the amount of carbon dioxide gas which is a fatal Is. Due to large amounts of gas in the breathing atmosphere of suffocating Seems to be. Many developed countries such as China and the United States balance of the environment Gasia Vigdne People have to hang out by the Gas Mask. In this country has not yet Nauwat. But it also can not ignore the coming round him in the future Gas Mask for countries like the fresh air will be seen running around with this.

There is no gainsaying in the fact that our country's emergence. Today than any other country Is less. But is it true that in other developed countries race to develop Are going to run but are going to destroy our heritage. The Country Today, pollution Is trying to reduce. On the one hand we have that in our country green - lush forests destroyed Are going to do.

The most important archaeological period from India's forests. We are your Vedas - Mythology carry them Pujniy the forests and trees has been reported. Our religions And to meet the needs of paper being cut and place trees Pun: The Carney's Bjay Reasi Ka W lonian and cities are going Bsaye the balance of nature Is worsening.

A day is coming when one of our next generation, Holt of the things your Pronouncing reading scripture Ramayana and the Mahabharata. What's forests, It is the Generation will never understand? Now to talk Vrikshoen of the heavy pollution of natural Is destroying the balance of which is increasing air pollution. Air in the growing Reduce the amount of carbon dioxide do trees. Tree carbon dioxide Receive the balance of net Aksaijn release the gases in nature remains Is. But now a growing source of carbon are going to be excited. The oxygen The number of trees that make up day - every day is getting low.

Water is life but the lives Gulta pollution name is poison. Water Amulbhut is one of human needs. To imagine life without water Is useless. Today the pollution of the water got hot. Climate in the name of Environment is known. But now there is neither water nor air pollution free. Country Ganga, Yamuna, Gangotri and Vetba the greatest - Pradusit's major rivers. Civilization Was the introduction of the banks of rivers. But today's advancing world civilization that Bypassing the rate did not even spare those Jnmdaytri rivers.

India was always considered the country's religion and faith. In mythology Describes the special importance of the rivers. Hindu religion, the heritage of faith Ganga my luck today, four - four is crying tears. Liturgy according to the King Bhagirath heavenly Ganga from the dead (earth) to call on penance. Ganga descended on earth who did penance happily walking on the way of Bhagirath His ancestors were wired. Only people bathing in the Ganges salvation Come get. Religious faith of the Kumbh Mela is held on the banks of the Ganges Is. Haridwar four locations across the country, Nashik, The Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, and Anniston Is held in which parts of the country - across millions Sraddhalu their sins in altered Tarne and to get rid of her to come to populate.

Bhagirath to populate the star of the Ganga devotees around the world today that the sins of the wire Is. But that would never have thought that Ganga their penance Bhagirath Earth Works on the man came to deliver a day that Bhagirath watts of its own to deliver Herengi. Today, the river has become so Pradusit Tarne for yourself Bhagirath will await. Who came and got her anguish.

Why do we forget that nature is the basis of life, we constantly do bad Are going. History has shown that the same development is in accord with nature. Whereas If life did not run contrary Nmonishan. Now that we have these things Have to consider. For how long dream for the future Snudr Environment will continue to play with. Either end of the day is over. So we What is? Not enough time has passed now Chetne time of day that your environment Net carrying and protecting nature. The only solution is that the Nature Preserve To reduce pollution so that we can look forward to more and more trees. Tree we But governments do not have to get on paper but we have to decide today If Hasta generations to come - is to play at least one tree to every Will.

Pollution prevention

How can you prevent pollution
To avoid noise pollution

TV in the house, keep the music lower the volume of resources.
Car not play the horn unnecessarily.
Do not use loudspeakers.
Marriages in the band - musical instruments - crackers, etc. hell do not in practice.
Follow all laws relating to noise pollution.
To avoid air pollution

House, factory, keep in range of the vehicle to smoke.
Do not use fireworks.
Garbage does not light lamps, due to take place.
If necessary, use a spittoon to spit upon or flowing streams.
Follow all laws relating to air pollution.
To avoid water pollution

Drains - Wells - ponds - rivers do not clean.
Do not tamper with public water distribution.
Immersion fixed in place.
Do not waste a single drop of water.
Follow all laws relating to water pollution.
To avoid chemical pollution

Organic manure instead of chemical, plastic and paper, polyester cotton fabrics or jute, etc. Please use the space.
Plastic bags, etc. Do not get in the way.
More vegetation, greener place.
Follow all laws related to chemicals.

Pollution in India

Air Pollution

Urbanization and industrialization, India's air quality has gone down drastically. Worldwide, 30 million deaths annually from air pollution are home and away, most of them are in India. World Health Organization, the Indian capital, Delhi, is one of the world's 10 most polluted cities. It indicates that air pollution in the country, the average deaths per year, more deaths in Delhi is 12 Pratist.

A separate study, India's gross domestic product in the past two Dskon increased 2.5 Pratist, vehicular pollution has increased 8 Pratist while growing pollution from industries has quadrupled. Air pollution is most serious problem of pollution in

For air pollution control provisions necessary to implement fully in a city like Delhi is quite difficult. Yet in this direction continues. Especially CNG

Water pollution and waste

There are many sources of water pollution. The most polluting cities and industrial waste drains, rivers flow spreads. Currently it is only 16 Pratist treated and that the river water eventually is sent to drink in our homes. Which is highly contaminated and is full of disease causing bacteria. Agricultural plains discharged waste - also, the dangerous chemicals that are put into rivers and Kitnask, get access to water.

Industries in the last fifty years has been expanding constantly. In some industries, water pollution, organic pollutants and toxic waste is more dense. Food products and industrial chemicals makers, it is very common in the industry. Ganga Action Plan''reality''is that more and more under the falling water of the instruments are treated. Large industries have evolved to the disposal of industrial wastes on small and medium-Udyagon Given the expenses on, it has not. Their advantage or not to be too little gain, it is detrimental.

Chemical pollution

Growing rapidly in industrialized countries such as India, local people have ignored threats from pollution. Bhopal's gas - is an example of tragedy.

Chemical pollution in the country is increasingly being experienced. It was found that compared to non-industrial areas, industrial areas, like - like cancer, various skin diseases, birth defects, genetic disparity is growing even without cease, natural breathing, digestion, blood flow, infectious fourfold increase in diseases, etc. is lost.

Government of India's National Jiafijikl Research Laboratory's research, according to the industrialization of the 1970s down to the Indian plains, lakes, streams have changed the landscape of the toxic heavy chemical elements in the Earth's water, continues to be affected is.